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by Cloud Catcher

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The sword that's forged in the fire Gains it's strength from the embers down below Astral Warlord chants and sings Of a cosmic forest that guards the mystic throne Your ashes will fill this valley And from your graves the harvest will be sewn Twilight fades in your eyes Guilty are those who fear the unknown Winds of dawn are howlin' Calling your name in the dark of the night Winter comes for your life Cold is the steel that ends your strife
Soft breeze blowin' in her hair Winter had ended as she kissed the air Mountains rose up just to be in sight Celestial Empress gave the gift of night Oh how I love you Heard her callin' I came crawlin' Rays of joy passed through my eyes A fading horizon blends a purple sky Saw her waiting there for me Underneath the council tree Oh how I love you Heard her callin' I came crawlin'
Voodoo Children lurking in the swamp Gazing over crystal time Sacred magma chalice of the Earth Reflects into the grieving eye Visions of long ago This I found beyond the electric sun Lion's tale led me to the land where the ocean meets the sky On the cliffs the natives sat laughing watching the daze go by Sands of tomorrow This I found beyond the electric sun FIND IT!
Visions 04:28
I have seen a vision Lucifer has risen He's the one your fear Judgement day draws near End of time is comin' See the people runnin' Runnin' for their lives It's your turn to die I see people dyin' Mother nature is cryin' See the soldiers marchin' Evil eye is watchin' End of time is comin' See the people runnin' Runnin' for their lives We're all gonna die Upon a hill they gathered A mist of cloaks and daggers In his name they slay For the figure in the haze The moon and the stars Guide my gilded path Link between the worlds Visions of the damned
Flyin' high On the beams of the sun Eyes wide As my senses overcome Swirling patterns inside of my brain Grasp the hidden hand Welcome, my friend Trails of kozmic dust connect my soul Tellin' me secrets that should not be told Time is iridescent in black holes Trails of kozmic dust will guide you home
Riding through the valley Woman by my side Sun drips from my eyes As we escape from the night We'll leave the city When we can New horizons Will appear Righteous Ruler Reclaims the land Contorts the cosmos Arcane magick in hand We'll leave this world Far behind Believer In ancient times


Our second offering of COSMIC HEAVY ROCK.

"With its gnarly odes to voodoo children and celestial empresses, Trails of Kozmic Dust finds Colorado’s Cloud Catcher settling further into their swampy, vintage sound. These eight slices of bluesy psych-rock capture heavy metal at its most classic. With a record store’s worth of riffs at his disposal, vocalist and guitarist Rory Rummings’ extended solos—equal parts cosmic grandeur and classic rock worship—are the record’s highlight. The whole album serves as a reminder that space might represent our projections of the future, but it’s been there long before any of us. “We’ll leave this world far behind/Believer in ancient times,” Rummings sings optimistically in closing track “Righteous Ruler.” And just like that, the great unknown feels a bit more familiar." - PITCHFORK

"Trails of Kozmic Dust feels like the output of a band that’s survived decades (and multiple musical trends) together, yet it’s only Cloud Catcher’s second album since forming in 2013. They already get it. Clearly, the next step should be a co-headlining tour with Earthless to completely disintegrate what’s left of our brains." - INVISIBLE ORANGES

"For some bands the saying goes “the sky’s the limit”; for Rummings Handman and Wentworth there is no limit, there is only infinite. It is an album that gets better with every listen and is sure to be on the end of year lists for anyone even remotely interested in heavy psychedelia. Mind-bending is a phrase overused in this genre (even by myself) but this is the one album scheduled this year where the term becomes an understatement. Not one you’ll want to miss." - METAL OBSERVER

"With Trails Of Kozmic Dust, Cloud Catcher have made an album that is not only out of this world on a sonic level but also on a spiritual level and if this album had to have a motto, it would be turn on, turn up and let loose! So do just that and turn this album up loud and get loose to the astral jams that reign supreme within." - INVICTA MAGAZINE


released March 11, 2017

Rory Rummings - Guitar and Vocals
Kam Wentworth - Bass and Vocals
Jared Soloman Handman - Drums

Produced and Engineered by Cody Tarbell
Mastered by Tony Reed at Heavy Head Studios
Album art by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration
Released on Totem Cat Records


all rights reserved



Cloud Catcher Denver, Colorado



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